Friday, 6 April 2012


Linnea and her Year One will be following an IPC (= International Primary Curriculum) unit of work this term on the theme of ‘Toys’. It's based around specific learning targets focusing on History, Science and Technology.

As part of their ‘Entry Point’ activities they were to organize a fundraising toy sale where all the money raised would be donated to the Junior School Special Education Fund. Us parents were asked to send unwanted toys, books, games etc in to school for this sale. So I went through a bit of the toys and put a bag together, checked with the kids there was nothing they wanted to keep and off it went to the toy sale.

Yesterday they got to bring a couple of dollar in to then buy something from the sale, and Linnea was all excited - there had been a huge donation of different things.
She came home with a book, but not just any book... one of our books that we had donated... Because she "didn't want to sell it anyway"... :)

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