Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ditch the workout, join the party!

Zumba Fitness is getting really, really popular here in Brunei!
It's like a Zumba Fitness wildfire that is spreading fast, more and more people in Brunei discover the fun with Zumba Fitness and considering Brunei is a small country - Zumba Fitness is huge!

From just one person teaching it in one gym a few years ago when it first got here; there are now several outlets where you can try this fab form of exercise, many licensed instructors (and a few that are not...) are taking classes in many different locations.

My friend Susan opened her 2nd Studio today and Linnea and I went along for the soft opening. The Studio is all shiny and new:

We helped cutting the ribbon, the press was there, lots of yummy food and mingling. We both had a great time with our Zumba friends!

Linnea and her friend Alexia doing silly faces, there were good at that! :)


rom salvar said...

Zumba is fun. I loved the Salsa travel steps. I like your blog Mrs. Watson. God bless u and your family. ^^

Katarina said...

Vad roligt! Även jag blir sugen! Boel, vad smal du har blivit! Grattis!

Raieda said...

Where is the location? I mean the zumba fitness... :D

MrsW said...

Raieda - Pls email me for more information! :)