Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The missing tooth

Taa-daa, there is now a tooth missing! Big day today!

Actually, this tooth is missing in more ways than one... It came out while I was at the hash, and the kids were being looked after by the neighbour amah. Linnea remembers loosing it on the sofa and holding on to it, putting it in her blue cup and... well... that's where the stories start to go apart...
Linnea actually doesn't remember at all where it's gone. Lucas has no idea either, he just remembers it was in the blue cup - and the amah says Linnea took it upstairs to her room.
Well, we can't find it. Maybe it will reappear somewhere, maybe not. Doesn't really matter - we left a note for the Tooth Fairy to explain the situation, I'm sure she will be very understanding! ;)

Linnea 4 years and (nearly) 11 months. Just like Lucas she is the first one in her class to loose a tooth, and almost at the same age as her brother.

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Maria said...

We are still waiting for the experience of a first tooth but at long last Iman has a wobbly one. Hope the tooth fairy brings something nice for Linnea!