Sunday, 26 September 2010

More 空手 (=karate)

This morning it was time for karate again. Since last week, Lucas' karate suit had arrived, so he was really happy today when he got to wear it and look like the other students.
Before leaving home he recapped on what he learned last week:

There was a lot more kids at the dojo today. We left pretty much straight away because there is not really any spectator space in the dojo; but we came back to see the last ten minutes, and that's when they do sit-ups.
Lucas is at the far end, so a bit hard to spot:

This is where Sensei walks around and tests their tummy muscles. She barely touched Lucas, but she stepped on (!) some of the other students:

And then, the 'plank'... Both on their knuckles and on the side of their hands! Quite hardcore for a six-year old!

Coming out of class, he looked like a proper little fighter! (Yes, and very cute too!)

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