Tuesday, 7 September 2010

25 days and counting

We live a very privileged life out here and I really try to appreciate it while it lasts, since sooner or later we will exit the bubble and return to the real world.

At the moment, we are back in a bit of the real world though, as our amah (=maid) has gone back to the Philippines for holidays, for four long weeks.
It's amazing how much you take for granted, even though you're really happy to have her. She's just doing so many things you don't think about, because they're always just done!

We are lucky though to have help from a neighbouring amah, she comes to do the cleaning and the laundry. I "just" have to take care of the general tidy-up (which I normally always do anyway...), cooking, lunch-boxes etc. In general just be a little bit more on top of things, otherwise it will derail quickly!

So far so good! I'm one step ahead most of the time, good planning is key. Both this week and the next will be four-day weeks at school because of Hari Raya, so that's easy. We'll do a bit more dinners at the YC, and just live the easy life.
I'm kind of enjoying not having someone in the house all the time - but I'm sure that in a couple of weeks time, we all be starting to look forward to her return...

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