Sunday, 26 September 2010

Boy or girl?

I've had this question more times than I would be able to remember by now... Back when she was 1 1/2-2 and still had no hair, it used to be daily. I could kind of accept it, if I had her dressed in something red, blue and unisex - but when she was in pink, truly girly outfits? I never understood where it came from.

Here's a photo from today:

So... Linnea is nearly FIVE years old, dressed in a skirt and a girly yellow-pink-purple top, butterfly Havaianas and sporting a pony-tail. She walked in to the restaurant carrying a HSM magazine; and still the waitress asked:
- Is boy or girl ma'am?

Well... She's wearing a skirt for starters!!

Sometimes I think they are just trying to make conversation. That's what I choose to believe anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW! I get that too with my youngest. Of course it does not help that her name is Agnes...which is a girls name, but here in Australia a lot of boys are called Angus...hence double confusion!!! Yeah, definately recognize that feeling....'oh, what a handsome little man'... yeah, in a pink top!!! She does not have much hair either, so perhaps one day when the pigtails are there...
Lenge siden sist by the way! Goy a lese litt i bloggen din. Ikke sa ofte tid, men i dag har jeg kost meg med en kaffikopp og historiene dine! Stor klem fra Nina