Monday, 22 October 2012

The 'Under the Sea' Birthday Party

So, we had Linnea's birthday party on Saturday. I like doing themed parties as it makes it easier to know what you are looking for. This year we decided on doing an 'Under The Sea'-theme, with mermaids.
As always, I went a bit over the top and this last week has been crazy busy getting everything ready... but I love it! Especially at this age when the birthdays still are so magical and special, Linnea has been counting down ever since we got back from summer holidays!

We had 30 meters of blue netting stapled (yes..!) to the ceiling to create that "under the sea"-feeling, lots of blue balloons, foiled fish balloons, sea shells everywhere and sea weed and fish in the windows. The colour theme on the whole was blue, green and purple.

Linnea and I had had mermaid costumes made and they turned out great if I may say so myself! Glittery hair clips, a bit of colour hair spray and the mermaid look was complete.

I had prepared sea themed decorations, crafts and party games and of course all the food was themed too! (Nathan was in charge of the sushi order and somehow he got lost in translation - and ended up with SIX times as much sushi as we needed..! :) Oups.)

There was only 12 girls, and 2 boys, and it seemed like they all had a good time. At least I hope so..!
When the party was over they each went home with either a mermaid chapter book or a mermaid drawing book, and a Curly Wurly, classic English chocolate bar. They were all very happy!

Ok, so here's the promised slideshow, enjoy!

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